Our Services
At Carson City Pediatric we offered specialized treatments dedicated to the oral health of children.
Below you will find a general list of services we offer to our young minds, but please feel free to call us if you have any questions!

· Child/Baby Exams
· Cleanings and fluoride treatments
· Fillings and crowns
· Pulpotomies (Baby Root Canals)
· Extractions
· Space maintenance for premature loss of teeth
· Interceptive growth modification
· Trauma treatment
· Oral health education and helpful tips for children and parents

More Information
For more information on each of these treatments please click the links.

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· General Anesthesia - More Info
· Nitrous Oxide - More Info
· The Pediatric Dentist - More Info
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· Thumb, Finger & Pacifier Habits - More Info
· X-ray Use & Safety - More Info